SAILOR Platform

SAILOR stands for Salus Automated Intelligent Lab for Omics Research. It is an instrument platform for spatial multi-omics studies at the sub-cellular resolution. Salus BioMed provides complete solutions for spatial biology studies in clinical applications and fundamental research to move forward in the fields of oncology medicine, population genomics, and modern agriculture.


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Spatial Omics Scopes

Salus Resolve ST

Salus RoboSeq ST



Super resolution optical detection techniques

Salus Biomed has a unique, proprietary labeling and detection technique to readout bases beyond the optical diffraction limit. In sequencing, it increases the throughput and lowers the sequencing cost by many folds. In spatial omics studies, it allows one to observe fine details and molecular interactions with unparalleled resolution.

Fully automated sequencing

Our proprietary robot sequencers – RoboSeq – provide fully automated services for large scale genomic studies such as populational genome projects and the Human Cell Atlas Plan. Through fully integrated DNA extraction, library preparation, and automated sequencing, human errors are minimized to a negligible level.

Ultra-high density biochips

Paired with super resolution detection techniques, ultra-high density biochips for sequencing and spatial omics studies are produced using proprietary nano-printing techniques. Biochips with pitches smaller than the optical diffraction limit are provided.

Ultra-large biochip for spatial omics studies

Combined with RoboSeq sequencing techniques, Salus Biomed provides ultra-large biochips as large as 140 x 140 mm² for spatial biology studies. It makes the study of tissue slices from a whole organ possible.


Salus BioMed provides users a series of sequencing instruments with flexible throughput, fast sequencing and accurate results.

Spatial Omics Scopes

Salus Omics Scopes map mRNA levels in whole tissue slices using in-situ capturing and barcoding technique at sub-cellular resolutions.

Kits and Reagents

Salus Pro rapid sequencing kits cover a wide range of applications such as WGS, WES, targeted sequencing, etc. Additionally, Salus provides a variety of enzymes, special nucleotides, and dye molecules as materials to support related research.