Spatial Omics Scopes

Salus Omics Scopes map mRNA levels in whole tissue slices using in-situ capturing and barcoding technique at subcellular resolutions. It provides spatial gene expression profiles in different cells, from which cell-cell interactions at the molecular level can be studied. This piece of information is essential for many branches of science such as developmental biology, brain and neuroscience, tumor biology, and immunology, etc.

Currently, Salus Omics Scopes are applicable for fresh frozen and FFPE tissue samples. For best results, fresh frozen samples are preferred.

Spatial transcriptomics steps: 

Staining and imaging

A piece of tissue sample is placed on the capture substrate, fixed, stained, and visualized/photographed.

Tissue permeabilization and mRNA capturing

The tissue slice is then permeabilized to release mRNAs, which are captured by the spatially barcoded capture probes on the capture substrate.

cDNA synthesis and UMI barcoding

The cDNAs are synthesized by reverse transcription from captured mRNAs. Random primers, also serving as UMIs, are used to synthesize the 2nd strand cDNAs, which contain both the gene and spatial barcode information.

Library collection, sequencing and data analysis

The 2nd strand cDNAs are then washed off, collected, amplified for DNA sequencing, followed by bioinformatic data analysis.


– Imaging of mRNA with subcellular resolution

– High mRNA capture efficiency:Tens of thousands

capturing probes per 100 Square micrometer

– Flexible sequencing Platforms: the captured library can be sequenced on any commercial sequencers

– Supporting fresh frozen or FFPE tissue samples

– Supporting large tissue samples (up to 140x140mm²)

Request a Demo

Currently, we provide Research services or the pure omics study kits (reagents and the capture slides with barcoded addresses).
Other equipment needed:
– PCR: e.g., Biorad t100
– Imager: e.g., Nikon Eclipse Ti2 with brightfield mode

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